We started the South Working Census, so as to support the South Working movement and its needs and requests in all discussion forums and within the institutional debate: the objective is to surface how many people are concerned by this trend and to size its impact on the public interests at stake.

For the sake of this census, we define South Working as remote working from a Southern region or from an inner area which is different than the employer's location. 


The census is comprising three categories, which you can choose from: 

_Have you already spent at least a week in South Working this year? You will be a Current South Worker;

_In light of your job duties, could you spend at least one week a year in South Working (but you haven't done it yet)? You will be an Aspiring South Worker;

_Your job is not suitable for you to spend time in South Working but you are interested in the topic (e.g. for a relative, a friend or for the development of your local community)? You will be Interested in South Working.

Your participation is key!