Let's kick off the South Working Census to advance the demands of the South Working movement at all levels of discussion and institutional debate: we must demonstrate and explain the public interest in the phenomenon. We define South Working here as remote work from the South or from an internal area other than the employer's headquarters.The census is divided into three categories:

  1. Have you already spent at least a week in South Working this year? Your census category will be: Current South Worker;

  2. Due to the characteristics of your job duties, could you spend at least one week a year in South Working (but you haven't done so yet)? Your census category will be: Aspiring South Worker;

  3. Are you interested in the possibility of working in South Working even if your job does not allow it (are you interested in a relative, a friend or for the development of your local community)? Your census category will be: Interested in South Working.

Your participation is essential for the progress of the project!

Help us learn more about you